Disruptive innovation: IoT – Industry 4.0

For condition monitoring, increasing efficiency & no more stop in your production made by proven data analytics based on electricity.

Disruptive innovation – Plug in & Play!

Operating Data Acquisition (ODA)

We offer a smart and easy method to get your analog usage digital visualized on your monitor.

Status Recognition

talkingEnergy not just drops the data on your monitor – also it is able to recognize your device’s status (active/standby)


As anything is going wrong the right person will be informed automatically by PUSH-NOTIFICATION

Predictive Maintenance

Trender recognition is done by our key figure „Index Condition“, which also identifies your machine’s condition

Process Analytics

We are also able to discover the most vulnerable part of your production(-line) and help you react to your machine’s action

Efficiency Overview

Your productivity- & energy-efficiency is shown in our overview

We do ODA in your production line, machine or anything powered by electricity. 
The setup is easy, non-invasive and reliable as any common power meter. 
Our solution offers information about: 
(1) how much power is cunsumed 
(2) by which device 
(3) for what 
(4) when does it consume electricity 
(5) in which condition

efficiency, iot, energy, predictive maintenance, 4.0, data analytics

efficiency, iot, energy, predictive maintenance, 4.0, data analytics, disruptive innovation


The non-invasive installation by an electrician only takes a couple of minutes.


After installation your measurement devices get configured. This takes a brief coaching by us – let`s do it together!


ODA and Monitoring is the beginning of improving your energy management.


The signal gives valuable information: is your device active or on standby? We identify the real time of production!


The Index Condition – talkingEnergy recognizes your machine’s condition, sends push-notifications for maintenance and helps you identify which device is in good or bad condition.


It will take about 1-3 months until you identify your production lines‘ interruptive device with 80% reliance.
This can help you increase productivity!

 Our disruptive innovation increases your productivity and machine’s condition