Margin Increasing Information

Predict & Locate Maintenance-Needs
Raise Efficiencies & 
Avoid Downtimes
Replace Manpower by Automation 4.0

Predictive Maintenance

talkingEnergy® provides:
+ prediction & location of maintenance-need
+ maintenance reports in real-time
in a production line (machine accurant)

Save Manpower

Replace manpower and become automated in many functions:
+ talkingEnergy® records automatically valuable information
+ learns about measured machines
+ no more mistake
by replacing
human power by computing power

Raise Efficiency

talkingEnergy® provides
+ your productive- & energy-efficiency overview
+ transparency for meaningful arrangements
+ documentation of progress

Avoid Downtimes

talkingEnergy® provides:
+ recognizing disruptive machines
+ record expedient information
+ notification to the right person


talkingEnergy® provides:
+ connectivity to cloud
+ notification as required
+ communication to person, M2M, with PLCs,...

Tax Refund

talkingEnergy helps you getting certified by ISO 50001 by ODA (Operation Data Acquisition).
You will:
raise consciousness on energetic efficiency, raise profitability, save energy & tax

Customer's Value per Information

Use Cases

Client: any FQ-Controlled Device & Electrified System

1-5% Productivity Gain since 1 month after Installation by Prevention of unplanned Downtimes!
Deployable for
- Electrified Monorail Systems - Cooling Systems - Beverage Bottling Plant - Robotics - Elevators - Optimization by Monitoring and so Much More


3 Days

- Introduction
- Scope of Demand
- Scope of Work
--> Deployment Plan

2 Weeks

- PoC (Proof of Concept) / Pilot-Start
- KPI's Fit-Verification
- Empirical Observation
- Adjust Configuration

1 Month

- VIP's Enabling
- Empirical Research
- Preparation
--> Roll-Out (for any Scale)


Powered, copyright & patent pending by




Non-invasive installation (1 hour)
Fast configuration (<30min) Reliable automatically running system


Power consumption: the most informative dimension to measure productivity
and condition


Compatible to any Cloud
Special Machines
Complex Plants

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